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   Harbin Well Welding co., LTD is the pillar industry of the Harbin Welding Institute, is the collection scientific research development, production, sales and service as a whole,high-tech enterprises of developing countries facing the world.

     WELL Corporation passing on Harbin Welding Institute for decades,rely on National Engineering Research Center of New Technology for High Efficiency and High Quality Welding”International Scientific and Technological Cooperation base for Special Materials and Special Processing” industrialization and engineered of scientific research, the factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters,annual production of 20000 tons of welding materials, welding materials products with advanced technology in the country,has won several national and provincial awards.The main products including carbon structural steel, low temperature steel, heat-resistant steel, high strength steel, chromium nickel stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloy, copper and copper alloy, cast iron and wear resistancecorrosion resistanceresistance to high temperature of welding rod, welding flux, welding stick, solder strip and so on more than ten series, more than three hundreds varieties.As the backbone of the domestic high-end welding materials enterprise, WELL Corporation has numerous products of independent research and development, the hydrogen sulfide corrosion resistant steel welding materials, ultra-low sulfur phosphorus heat resistant steel welding materials, a series of welding materials with military nuclear power, stainless steel and nickel base-band surfacing materials, low temperature storage tank with welding materials, special welding materials for pipeline project, ocean engineering special welding materials and other products in the domestic leading technical level.Also, in military nuclear power, petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas transportation, LNG storage tanks, power plant boiler, hydroelectric power, iron and steel metallurgy, engineering machinery, rail transportation, and other countries have made a very good application in large-scale project construction, and win high reputation. 

   WELL Corporation follows the principle of "Service First, Maximizing Value", implementing the quality policy of "Quality is the Root and Client is the Life". Based on "National Welding Material Quality Supervision Inspection Center", detection means complete, stable product quality, the first received among the same industry national in Germany Rhine (TUV) ISO9001:2008 International Quality System certification, is one of several nationals and industries standards drafting unit. 

   Corporation adhering to the "Healthy, Harmonious, Responsibility, Innovation" spirit of enterprise culture, building a harmonious team, perseverance to the implementation of the scientific and technological innovation, mechanism innovation, and even the comprehensive innovation, in order to "Cast Brand High-end Materials, Leads the Welding Technology in the Future" as the goal, to become a leader in the domestic high-end welding technology enterprise!



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